We want everyone at Oregon Eclipse Camp to have a safe and enjoyable eclipse camping experience!  After all, the reason we will all be there is that this really is a once-in-a-lifetime camping event for most of us.  Let’s all agree to have a great time, one that we will remember for the rest of our lives!

TO DO when camping at Oregon Eclipse Camp

DO  bring food, water, and any other necessities.  Unity is a tiny community, and even on normal weekends visitors sometimes have to do without anything they may have forgotten.  We will have water on-site, but all of us will be traveling from some distance and you don’t want to be stuck somewhere with no water in August.

DO  fill up with fuel before you get here.  There is one gas station in Unity, and it will be overwhelmed with travelers.  It’s about 45 miles to the next gas station in any direction, and those will be overwhelmed as well.

DO  bring shade cloths, EZ-UPS, or patio umbrellas.  The fantastic eclipse viewing weather also means hot sunny days.

DO  bring your boat, ATV, fishing gear, bicycles, and hiking boots.  There are plenty of opportunities around Unity for all sorts of outdoor recreation.

DO  bring a reasonable amount of cash.  There will be a variety of vendors on site, and processing cards may or may not be possible with the limited cell service in the area.

DO bring your well-behaved pets, and a leash.  Any problem dogs (barking, aggression, etc.) will be asked to leave.

NOT TO DO when camping at Oregon Eclipse Camp

DON’T  bring ANY FIREWORKS OF ANY KIND.  Possession of fireworks, legal or not, on Oregon Eclipse Camp grounds will result in immediate ejection from the site with no refund.

DON’T  bring a charcoal grill or plan on having an open fire.  Propane grills are allowed, as long as they are used in a safe manner and location away from combustible materials.

DON’T  plan to run your generator all night.  You won’t need to, as it cools off quickly once the sun goes down and your neighbors will appreciate the 10:00 PM quiet time.

DON’T  bring your stereo equipment or guitar amplifier or train whistle or any other general noise-maker.

DON’T  plan to ride your ATV or motorcycle or snowmobile or dune buggy around camp.  There are miles of USFS roads and trails ripe for exploration outside the camp.

DON’T  choose Oregon Eclipse Camp as the place for you and your large group of friends to have a rowdy time.  We are looking for a group of folks who want to secure a great spot to see the eclipse and have an enjoyable time waiting for it.  Let’s have a good time, and let’s allow our neighbors to have their own good time as well.