Why Oregon Eclipse Camp?

Totality Camping

The very first consideration for anyone hoping for the ultimate eclipse experience is totality. As Dan McGlaun of Eclipse2017.org emphasizes in this article, “close” is NOT close enough!  Oregon Eclipse Camp is directly in the center of the path of totality.

The difference between a partial eclipse and a TOTAL eclipse is essentially the difference between night and day.  Viewers of a partial eclipse will see a portion of the sun slowly become obscured by the moon for a few minutes, much like a cloud passing.

On the other hand, those who planned ahead and are in the path of totality will experience the overwhelming sense that something profound is about to happen.  Bailey’s Beads jump around the edge of the moon moments before totality.  For a few fleeting minutes, stars and planets come into view across the sky in what was broad daylight just moments ago.  Suddenly the sun’s corona flashes around the moon, offering viewers their only opportunity to ever see it.  As the umbra slowly breaks from totality, Bailey’s Beads reappear for a final encore.  For the next hour or so a partial eclipse slowly fades away, leaving those few who were lucky enough to experience the entire phenomenon with a sense of starting over.


When you book with OEC, you know exactly where you will be on Eclipse Day.  If experiencing this event is even mildly important to you, don’t plan to fail by failing to plan!

“We’ll find a spot when we get there” isn’t a plan for comfortably experiencing the total eclipse.  At best, it’s a plan to find yourself desperately searching for a parking place and paying desperation prices if you are lucky enough to find one.  In many areas, it’s a plan to find yourself and your family viewing a “hoh-hum” partial eclipse from the side of a gridlocked highway.

Public-land camping?  It’s a possibility but not a plan.  As you likely have heard, every reservable public campsite in totality (and many outside totality) has been taken for over a year now.  Non-reservable sites will undoubtedly be immediately claimed by folks two weeks prior to the event by setting tents or campers in place.  Dispersed (non-official) campsites may be possible to find, but where will these sites be?  Miles off-pavement, in places where everyone who arrived before you didn’t want to go.  It’s also important to remember that August 21 is peak wildfire season across the entire path, and some areas will simply be closed to entry.

Reserving your camp site with OEC is a plan for eclipse success!

location location location

You’ve decided to make a plan and reserve a place somewhere in totality.  Why choose OEC?

Look closely at the other “campsites” offered on Craigslist and elsewhere.  Are these parking lots in farmer’s fields?  Are they “sites” in a dirt fairgrounds lot?

Oregon Eclipse Camp is in a natural grass meadow, complete with a wooded mountain stream meandering the entire campground.   This means shade!  OEC is truly camping, not public parking.

The Wallowa-Whitman National Forest is only 2 miles away, opening up a wealth of recreation possibilites during your stay.  Unity Lake offers boating and fishing opportunities, and the Blue Mountain OHV Trail is accessible just up the road from your camp.